Magnolia ECM Enterprise Content Manager

Magnolia CMS: intuitive and reliable - designed for the enterprise.

Magnolia is an Open-Source CMS favored for its ease-of-use. It enables authors to lay out content exactly as it would appear to website visitors. It contains best-of-breed Java technology based on open standards to allow for tailor-made solutions. Magnolia Content Management CMS/ECM/WCM is an open source software that will let you perform CMS Systems Enterprise Site Management tasks. It's free for both personal and commercial use, thus the perfect choice for those that want an alternative for CMS Systems Enterprise Site Management programs.

 Abbreviated as ECM, Enterprise Content Management is the document management term which describes the technologies used by organizations to capture, manage, store, and control enterprise-wide content, including documents, images, e-mail messages, instant messages, video, and more. ECM software is used to assist in content control associated with business process, and can be used to assure compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley , HIPPA, etc.). ECM has emerged from the convergence of many related technologies such as document management, Web content management, and collaboration.


Magnolia CMS users include the US Navy, Scottish Widows, Middle East Broadcasting Center, Atlassian and the City of Lausanne.


Configuration Extension Configuration extension (a.k.a. „configuration inheritance“) simplifies life for administrators and developers. You no longer need to copy a site or dialog configuration in order to customize it. A configuration can contain a link to the master configuration and add or overwrite any property as needed. This avoids duplication and lowers maintenance effort.
Workgroup Collaboration The system can be set up in such a way that workgroups have shared access to resources, e.g. a folder in the document management system.
Dependency Management of Content Elements It is easy to see in Magnolia CMS if all the information a page depends upon will be available once it is published. In the opposite direction, the system also informs you which pages refer to a page.
Templating Kit The Templating Kit is written in Freemarker, which provides new possibilities and makes the development of templates faster and easier than using JSP. JSP remains fully supported and in true Magnolia-fashion, you can mix and match both templating languages to secure your investment and profit from the latest developments at the same time.
Friendly URLs The URLs of web pages created with Magnolia are human readable. This makes them easy to communicate, easy to bookmark and easy to spider by search engines.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Magnolia CMS delivers content to the web optimized for search engines.
Easy Integration of Third-Party Frameworks Magnolia‘s high extensibility makes integration with other frameworks a snap. Examples are available for integration with Spring, Struts, and Stripes, as well as Blossom, Maglev and Grails.
Backup Backup is possible through various means, depending on your specific needs. The repository implementation might provide backup tools of its own itself. In addition, the default import/export mechanism can be used for backups.
Structured Data Management Magnolia allows for easy management of both unstructured and semi-structured content with the help of use a hierarchical content repository. On top of that, Magnolia Content Apps provide an advanced environment to manage structured data. This approach is very flexible: In Magnolia, structured data is indexed, searchable, access is unified, it can be activated and mirrored and treated exactly the same way as any other information in the system. Examples for structured content include product catalogs, employee directories or skill inventories.
Mobile Preview Magnolia CMS has built in previews for iPhone & iPad right from the page editing interface, so you know exactly which content will be rendered on which device and how it will look. You can even create your own customized previews for any other devices or Web content channels.



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