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SicurNet - Automated management of computer labs and internet point

The solution for controlling and monitoring access and printing payment

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SicurNet - Lettore badge magneticoSICURNET 3.0 is a software that provides automated management of access to computer stations, enabling Internet usage time control and printing calculation services. The system reads user access credentials entered via username and password or taken from a magnetic badge.


If requested, payment of services (Internet navigation, prints, etc.) is carried out by deducting the cost directly from the prepaid card or from the user account stored in the application database.

SICURNET 3.0 compares the information entered with the data stored in its archives and authorizes use of the station and of the related services according to specific rules regarding time limits and use by study and/or research groups. These rules may be fully personalized according to the needs and the organization of the structure hosting the system.


Simple and intuitive management
SICURNET provides very easy and intuitive interfaces for system monitoring and management: controlling computer stations, authorizing or disconnecting users, visualizing access over certain periods of time, and accessing the reservation management area and payment management area for the printing service and/or use of the Internet.


Data protection and privacy
All operations performed by both users and system management personnel are cryptographed and protected by personal passwords which ensure an adequate level of safety in compliance with the privacy law (Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003) and with the “Anti-terrorism Decree” Law no. 155 of 31/07/2005.






SICURNET optimizes and rationalizes time spent at computer stations.


SICURNET may be personalized according to the needs and organization of the structure hosting the system.


SICURNET monitors computer stations and provides tracing of access carried out.


Interner navigation management

SICURNET Sicurnet 3.0 provides an integrated management system for the time control and payment (if necessary) of Internet navigation. Access restriction may be set for certain categories of web sites (white/black list) according to different user groups and/or stations.


Reservation management

SICURNET provides an automated reservation management system: users may autonomously reserve a station by accessing a very simple and intuitive management interface.


User and service management

SICURNET allows the operator to access (authorized via password) the user database and carry out operations such as search, entry, cancellation, assignment of a new password and modification of user access authorizations to various services.


Reporting and statistics

SICURNET allows users to view access over a certain day or period of time. This is useful for tracing information on past usage of computer stations, in order to check improper use of the service or for statistical purposes.


PC printing payment & management

SICURNET provides an integrated PC printing management system which counts the pages printed by the user. Policies regarding payment and the ‘free’ number of prints allowed may be set according to various types of users.



As a result of the new Wireless module integration, Sicurnet 3.0 provides management – in a safe, protected and monitored environment – of users who wish to use the network resources of the structure hosting the service through their own laptops.


User group and station rules

SICURNET is able to assign authorization profiles to user groups, i.e., the creation of rules that limit and personalize the use of services and/or stations to specific user groups (for example, use of certain stations for minors only).


System modularity

SICURNET is provided with a modular and scalable architecture allowing the system to be built on the basis of the hosting structure’s real needs.

Supported client operating systems:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, LINUX Ubuntu

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