"Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures."
Tom Peters

Company Profile

I.M. Technologies is a software house born in 2003. Is formed by a professional team that realize innovative products and solutions for data management and business processes. The company distinguishes itself in ICT market for intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness which bring to have a strong propensity to new technologies experimental research for solutions increasingly reliable, high-performance and innovative. The target markets are Public Administration and SMEs.

Our skills:

  • Data Capture & Document Management - Optical storage of documents,data optical reading from forms paper , design and implementation of document management systems that allow you to capture, organize, find and distribute information, by providing users with an integrated environment and protected, features an intuitive interface that uses all the data contained in business documents stored electronically..
  • Web Applications -We create websites, web portals e-commercei e web-based applications using the latest platforms and technologies (Plone, Joomla!, ecc.) that allow for the organization, management and sharing of information and business processes.
  • Print Solution -  Using specific authorization procedures, users may view the documents being printed, check amounts to be paid, change selected printing parameters, decide which printer to use for the selected job and pay with a prepaid card or via their account.
  • Access Control - Management, control and monitoring of access a computer workstations and / or applications, access control to a working environment and study (university, libraries, etc.) through authentication with barcode, magnetic card, smart card, RFID tag.
  • Payment systems service – Systems for the automation and self-service payment for services provided to the public via credit accounting or magnetic card, or RFID microchip.


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