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Libraries and Media Libraries Solutions

An increasing number of users use technology resources provided by the libraries and media libraries. An example in the access to the OPAC databases to the internet.

It is necessary to change the mode of use of computer workstations and the linked services to them (Internet browsing, printing from a PC, etc.) to allow a more rational management.


It is necessary to manage the information technology services without leaving the reception, giving a timed access only to authorized users, avoiding confusion, crowds and annoying waste of time, for both users and operators.

I.M. Technologies proposes solutions developed for Media Libraries, in particular for the management of services to the computer network.

The main advantages and problems managed by the systems proposed:
  • automatic authentication with username e password or ID badge.
  • management of the lock/unlock positions setting maximum time limit for daily use
  • Payment management for example printing service and internet browsing, etc.
  • traceability operations ensure an adequate level of safety in compliance with the privacy law (Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003) and with the “Anti-terrorism Decree” Law no. 155 of 31/07/2005.
  • monitors stations management interface for authorizing or disconnecting user, visualizing access over certain periods of time.
  • reservation management accessing  and management reporting.
  • access WIRELESS service to access the Internet with personal laptops, browsing in a monitored and protected environment.


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