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Arkivia DM & FAX

Arkivia DM - Document & Fax Management

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Arkivia DM&Fax Fax is an all-in-one solution combining the qualities of a FAXSERVER with those of a Document Management system. Scanning sources include both document scanners and multifunction machines connected to a network. This modular solution allows the fax server and DM server to be installed in an independent and scalable manner.


  • saving of time spent searching for documents and faxes
  • rationalization of paper documents and of space assigned for their storage
  • standardization of document management processes
  • optimization of hardware and printing costs
  • possible integration of faxes with management system.
  • automatic sorting of faxes received
  • 4 faxing methods: forwarding via web user interface, forwarding as attachment via e-mail client, forwarding via network multifunction printer (MFP) end forwarding via client software.


  • integrated fax and document management (DM Server + FaxServer)
  • use of PDF digital format
  • automatic sorting of faxes received
  • integration with multi-function systems (MFP) for digitizing and indexing documents and faxes
  • search interface and visualization of documents accessible via web browser
  • centralized LDAP address book accessible via the network multifunction system and web clients
  • integrated backup system
  • View and download as PDF files all faxes received and sent
  • Faxes are received directly in the user’s mailbox as an attached PDF file.
  • If the fax number is connected to a group, a copy of the fax may be sent to all user mailboxes belonging to the group.



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ArkiviaFax: Web user interface

Send Fax

  • A web interface accessible via the network allows users to:
  • View and download as PDF files all faxes received and sent
  • Send faxes from electronic files.
  • Index faxes through the Sender, Recipient and Subject Matter fields.
  • Search by date, number, sender/recipient and subject matter
  • See fax queue of outgoing faxes and cancel forwarding, if necessary
  • Access the centralized LDAP address book.

Centralized LDAP address book

  • Management of the address book via the Web interface allows users to view/enter/modify/cancel names from the address book.
  • The address book may be used with all system forwarding methods (e-mail, MFP, web and client software)
  • Address book operations may be distinguished according to the accessing user’s group of belonging.

ArkiviaFax:Simple and intuitive administration

  • Management of Users, Groups and lines associated to the group for the automatic sorting of faxes received.
  • Management of group fax cover sheets.
  • Management of group LDAP address books.
  • Reporting on faxes sent and received.
  • Management of multifunction machines (MFP) connected to the system.
  • Import/export of users from CSV files
  • Backup system management

Dial through and did routing

Arkivia FAX provides the possibility, through integration with DIALOGIC cards (Eicon Diva Server and Brooktrout) to direct faxes towards a specific telephone number in the recipient’s mailbox. N.B.: The option is available only if the dial through service is authorised to reach fax numbers within the switchboard.


 Supported client operating systems:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, LINUX, Mac OSX

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